Women in Blockchain

The blockchain industry is predominantly male-driven and talented workers are in short supply. We believe that there is an enormous workforce waiting to be utilized. In Southeast Asia particularly, young women are ambitious but often limited by cultural expectations. These expectations tend to slow and hinder the personal and professional development of the female population.

The current Blockchain workforce is only 10-30% female

Female presence and ingenuity in the blockchain space is growing

“A 2019 report revealed the percentage of women blockchain and crypto, including developers, investors, and casually interested individuals, hovers between 4% and 6% […] Now is the time for women to make their mark on the crypto industry and its future, and their absence now could diminish their influence – and benefits – in the long run.”


About Us

Our Vision

By establishing a holistic educational organization led and supported by top women in the blockchain industry, we build a welcoming and empowering ecosystem that will become the epicenter of not only ambitious but also productive female workforce, fulfilling massive demands of the blockchain industry.

Our Ideal Candidate

Our Ideal candidate is any woman who is brave, bold and hungry to explore new horizons. The Blockchain industry is a global market that changes at lightning speed. No experience? No problem. Bring an open mind, an eagerness to learn and a passion for challenging yourself and we'll do the rest!

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Holistic Education

Our Approach

We approach the education of each student from 3 different angles: mental, physical and emotional. Our goal is to ensure the professional AND personal success of our students regardless of their environment and challenges.

Mental Education
Focused on blockchain industry knowledge, skillsets and experiential learning
Physical Education
Focused on the development of body language, posture, physical well being and self image.
Emotional Education
Focused on the development of emotional intelligence (EQ) & interpersonal management skills.

Meet Our Founders

Pham Thuy LINH
Founder & Chairwoman
Huynh Vu Thuy TIEN
Co-Founder & President

Our Mentors

Victor Tran
CEO & Co-Founder, Kyber Network
Uyen Pham
CEO & Co-Founder, MetaBlock X
Cris D. Tran
Chief Strategy - Vietnam, Huobi Global
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