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Established in May 2022, S.H.E Blockchain has been operating in the field of training, nurturing talents, and incubating projects in emerging technology industries, especially in Blockchain

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Our Mission is to create and nurture the next generation of young talents fully equipped with knowledge, skills and intelligence to meet the rapid development of emerging technology industry, especially in Blockchain, through training, nurturing talents and incubating and career guidance programs.

Our Vision is to become a leading company in nurturing talents and incubating projects for the future of Blockchain in Vietnam in particular and the World in general. From now until 2025, we position ourselves to become a job social network on the web3 platform, using Blockchain technology to remove all border barriers and provide career guidance for thousands of young people.


Our Activities

Our ambitious goal is to achieve a major breakthrough in blockchain technology by 2026, image-1 impact the Blockchain industry and addressing the global talent challenge.


What We Have to Offer

Seeking explosive growth in the dynamic Vietnamese market? Our seasoned advisors bridge the cultural gap and navigate complex regulations, empowering your business to thrive. We offer tailored solutions, from market entry strategies to operational excellence, leveraging local insights and our extensive network.
Proud to be one of the leading company in the field of Blockchain training, we're passionate about empowering the next generation in Vietnam. By 2026, we aim to ignite a spark in one million individuals, equipping them with the knowledge and potential to explore the power of blockchain technology and its diverse applications.
Imagine a world where innovative startups seamlessly find angel investors, where industry giants collaborate on groundbreaking projects. That's the power we unleash. Our extensive network transcends borders and boundaries, fostering synergies and sparking collaborations that propel the Blockchain revolution forward.
Boost your brand in Vietnam through our events! Whether you're launching a new product, hosting a training session, or seeking partnerships, we design impactful events that connect you with the right audience. Leverage our expertise to plan any size gathering, connect with key players in Vietnam, and partner with government agencies.
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Embrace the journey from ideation to launch with our supportive early-stage startup incubator. We provide extensive resources to help you navigate challenges, refine your concept, and access crucial funding

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